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Save up to 75% of time from the deal prospectus verification process.
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Redefining the pre-listing due diligence and IPO verification workflow
01. Prepare
The draft prospectus is reviewed to define verification requirements. Each statement is indexed and referenced with an ID.
02. Verify
Statements are classified as facts and opinions. Opinions are confirmed by directors, while facts are verified using documents shared by the client.
03. Organize
Supporting documents are collected and organized in folders, and cited for verification.
Leverage AI-powered tools to streamline verification workflows
Automatic Annotation
Relevant statements in a prospectus can be boxed-up and indexed in minutes. Similar statements can be linked together to eliminate repetitive verification.
Version Control
Document changes are tracked across versions as the document evolves. Verification notes are automatically moved to the latest version.
Verification Suggestions
Our AI identifies statements needing validation and suggests document requirements. Automatically reference disclosure information from the original source.
Multi-lingual Support
Synchronize verification work by linking statements between the original and translated versions of the disclosure. Factify supports up to 13 global languages.
Collaborative Tools
Robust access and management controls enable users to safely share data with multiple parties for review. Assign roles and responsibilities to individuals to track the team's verification progress.
Document Management
Create a central repository of documents for verification.
Securely organize documents using folder hierarchies and grant access to relevant deal members.
Our strategic partner
Wizpresso partners with TOPPAN Nexus, the largest financial printer in Asia, to offer an end-to-end solution to our customers.
Enterprise-grade infrastructure to secure corporate sensitive data
Use Cases
Discover how Wizpresso enables clients to drive better insights, boost productivity, streamline workflows and mitigate risks.
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