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Uncover insights on companies, investment opportunities, and industry themes across a universe of content aggregated in one place.
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A powerful engine that combines market intelligence and internal knowledge to drive decision-making.

Terabytes of data are generated on the internet and within your organization daily. The key to success boils down to finding relevant information for specific workflows and surfacing potential risks ongoingly.

Public data
Unstructured information, such as company websites, media, and platforms publicly accessible from the web.
Derived Data
Classified data and insights created using our proprietary neural network and generative AI.
Structured Data
Machine-readable documents, such as annual and ESG reports and investor presentations in structured formats.
Internal Data
Operational documents, policies, procedures, legal contracts, financial statements, invoices, know-how, presentations and more.
Products that support buy-side and sell-side equity research
Identify thematic investment opportunities by leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and big data.
Evaluate the fundamental and ESG performance of companies using generative AI.
Find relevant information from millions of company disclosures in seconds.
Use Cases
Explore how our market intelligence solutions help enterprises grow revenues, increase productivity, and manage risks.
Automating Investment Screening and ESG Reporting using Generative AI for Asset Managers 
ESG Investing Trends  The practice of investing in companies or funds with sustainable operatio ...
Unveiling the Power of Equity Research: Guiding Investors Amidst Market Complexity
In the dynamic world of finance, equity research emerges as an indispensable tool for investors navigating the complexities of the ...
Streamlining Precedent Search Workflow: Enhancing Capital Markets Transaction Research
In the context of capital markets, precedent search plays a crucial role in interpreting and applying legal principles to transaction ...
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