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Searching information from multiple sources with one platform. Our AI-powered search empowers you to surface insights across company announcements.
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AI-Powered Search
Surface insights by searching company disclosures, including annual and interim filings, ESG reports, prospectuses, transactional documents, circulars, announcements and more.
Proprietary architecture designed to uncover and scale insights to millions of documents using NLP technology.
Search disclosures by keywords. Our semantic search technology can recommend related words and understand all variations.
Leverage generative AI to summarize information and answer key questions from a document.
Parse and export tabular data from PDF documents to Excel or a database format.
Stay on top of everything. Receive real-time alerts to track companies that you follow.
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Public companies
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Global capital markets
Company disclosures, presentations, transcripts
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Discover how Wizpresso enables clients to drive better insights, boost productivity, streamline workflows and mitigate risks.
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