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Our Methodology
Wizpresso measures ESG performance using a comprehensive framework aligned with local requirements and global standards.
Leverage generative AI to comprehend and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data at unparallel speed and scale.
Use Cases
Discover how Wizpresso enables clients to drive better insights, boost productivity, streamline workflows and mitigate risks.
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Automating Investment Screening and ESG Reporting using Generative AI for Asset Managers 
ESG Investing Trends  The practice of investing in companies or funds with sustainable operatio ...
Leveraging AI Technology for ESG Benchmarking and Peer Tracking in Hong Kong
Market Backdrop In recent years, ESG (environmental, social, and governance) has emerged as an important aspect of corporate governance and ...
Streamlining Green Loan and Sustainability-Linked Loan Assessments with AI-Powered ESG Disclosures Analysis
Background Following the release of the Paris Agreement, both Hong Kong and China have set ambitious climate targets to limit ...
Client Story
Hang Seng Bank (HSB)
Valuelytics empowers HSB's green financing team in streamlining the assessment process for sustainability-linked loans.
Access AI-powered ESG insights using Valuelytics.
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