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Unlock verification on-demand for capital markets transactions


Transform legal workflow with award-winning natural language processing (NLP) technology

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Automatic Mark up and Labelling


FACTIFY's AI reads through a prospectus in minutes to automatically tag all relevant statements and recommend actions. You can collaboratively review, cross-reference and annotate information in a virtual workspace. Verification notes can easily be exported and shared with key stakeholders.

Track progress, drive process


Monitor verification progress with analytics and instantly check for outstanding actions. FACTIFY’s AI can manage different versions of a prospectus and trace back previous annotations. Annotation change records can be extracted for audit trial.

Review Key Terms Instantly


All definitions and glossary terms are identified, highlighted, and cross-referenced instantly when a prospectus is uploaded. FACTIFY’s AI can review definitions that have been misused, unused, or undefined throughout a prospectus.

Smart Redaction Model


While other redaction tools let you input key terms to be redacted from a document, FACTIFY's semantic model recognizes patterns and the contextual meaning of information. You can build a customized AI to auto-redact all instances throughout a document based on your logic.

Collaborative Workspace


Empower teams to work in a dedicated, secured, and integrated virtual environment

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