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Enable professionals to verify financial transactions on-demand


Streamline listing document verification with technology

Wizpresso Factify is an integrated verification tool for capital markets transactions.

Annotate instantly, move forward


FACTIFY uses visual recognition and attention model to identify all relevant statements in a prospectus in minutes. You can then allocate work amongst your team and collaborate in a shared workspace secured by our award-winning infrastructure.

Label, Fact or Opinion?


Labeling is usually the part where verification stalls. FACTIFY can automatically predict and classify statements based on training data verified by lawyers. With its continuous active learning system, you're only asked to review and label statements the model does not already know the answer to.

Verify, link, navigate


FACTIFY brings together state-of-the-art verification from integration and user experience. You can easily link statements to credible sources, such as public information via WIZPRESSO SEARCH, and private documents via WIZPRESSO COMPOSE or a compatible DMS/VDR.

Track progress, drive process


Our built-in dashboard enables you to track verification progress and export annotation results on-demand. Document changes can be saved and logged for audit trial.


Hong Kong IPOs

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prospectus verified


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Hong Kong IPO


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