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Risk Management


Know what is unknown


Perform transactional due diligence. Analyze company fundamentals. Know your customers.

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Credit Analysis

Transaction Advisory

Investment Banking

Corporate Banking

Legal Counsel

Perform transactional due diligence


Find precedent cases and comparable deals to advise on a transaction.

Analyze company fundamentals


Evaluate the financial health and business outlook of a company.

Know your customers' connections


Identify the customers, vendors and other counterparts of a company.

Search + Annotate


Say Goodbye to Ctrl + F


Use search to find comparable transactions in minutes. Compare specific clauses to detect discrepancies across multiple deals.

Value Extraction


Extract key figures from documents


Identify specific clauses, entities, and values from transactional documents. Use analytics to visualize and and drill down data by sector, location, and company.

Table Indexes


Instantly view all financial and operating tables


Search and extract data tables directly from the original source. Download these table into editable Excel or compare with similar tables using the interactive reader.

Company View


Spot major events and inflection points


Combine stock performance and company events into a single view. Learn how certain announcements may impact the company's market sentiment.

A new way to incorporate text analytics into risk management.

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Manage risk workflow in one place


Whether it's merger & acquisition, initial public offering, fundamental analysis or customer due diligence, you can find relevant insights and organize your research on Wizpresso.