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Investment research


Differentiate your investment strategy


Find investment ideas. Evaluate intrinsic value. Predict performance.

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Equity Research

Investment Manager

Hedge Fund

Family Office

Private Bank

Identify investment targets


Find targets that will gain you exposure to a specific event or theme.

Evaluate intrinsic value of companies


Determine whether a business is profitable and sustainable.

Predict business performance


Forecast the business outlook of specific sector or company.



Stay on top of the latest trends


Use search to find undervalued companies with specific exposure, such as eco friendliness. Monitor the companies with a watchlist or download the list as an Excel.

Consumer Analytics


Drill into product details to measure brand equity


Use product and pricing data to understand the product strategy of key  players within a product category. Separate the market winners from losers.

Operational Indicators


Benchmark operating indicators to evaluate management quality


Find and extract sector-specific data using pre-identified tags. Benchmark KPIs amongst industry peers to holistically evaluate a company's sustainability.

Sentiment Analysis


Monitor consumer sentiment to predict impact on sales


Analyze millions of user ratings and observe sentiment trends to predict shopping behaviors. Learn emerging consumer preferences ahead of everyone else.

A new way to incorporate unstructured data into research.

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Manage investment workflow in one place


Whether it's idea generation, company analysis, benchmarking or sales prediction, you can find relevant insights and organize your research on Wizpresso.