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The market intelligence platform built for enterprise


Build customized layout. Integrate offline content. Source bespoke datasets. Wizpresso is perfectly scalable.

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Scale with our Enterprise Grid


Create your own workspace with its dedicated portal, content and storage.

From online to offline


Hybrid content integration


Bring the latest technology to your organization. Deploy our application on a secured hybrid infrastructure and safely incorporate internal content.

How far is your data reach?


Alternative data


Source bespoke insights from the deep web and schedule automatic updates. All data is meticulously reviewed and seamlessly integrated into your workspace.

Sharing is caring


Collaborate efficiently


Enable your teams to work more efficiently with advanced referencing tools and sharing features. You can do better than "line 4, paragraph 2, page 87".

Support tailored to your needs

Dedicated account manager


Jump the line with priority access and personal support. They're here just for you 24/7.

In-person training


Our personalized tutorial will take you through every feature step-by-step.

Enterprise Infrastructure


Centralized admin console to manage your teams and access.

Local consultants will help you set up your workspace and onboard the team


If you need further assistance or have questions about what we offer, our consultants and partners will assist you.

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