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Business Development


Generate leads, grow relationships


Find prospects, manage customers relationships, and proactively engage them.

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Investment Banking

Relationship Manager

In-house Strategy

Capital Markets

Identify qualified leads and targets


Find companies that are attractive to be onboarded or acquired.

Track customer activities and behavior


Aggregate all company events and detect management trends.

Engage in strategic dialogue


Identify gaps and tectonic shifts in the market.



Shortlist leads by company characteristics


Filter by transaction, location, sector, keyword and more to find potential leads. Extract company profiles and share with your sales team.



Never miss a beat again


Create a watchlist to follow your portfolio of companies and receive alerts for their activities. Track all company events and disclosures on one timeline.



Screen opportunities automatically


A company may be relevant to you if it matches certain criteria. You can save these criteria and get alerts when there is a match.

Market Sizing


Monitor public and private spending to size the market


Analyze government spending trends and policies to identify strategic opportunities. Size addressable wallet by sector, location, and product.

A new way to incorporate search into business development.

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Manage growth workflow in one place


Whether it's deal origination, business development, company coverage or customer engagement, you can find relevant insights and organize your research on Wizpresso.